Orchestra at Oros

Oros Wildlife Preserve. Photo by Kathleen Farley. Taken on March 26, 2016. Edited with Snapseed.

Playing catch up with the entries. Here’s an entry from a few weeks back: Oros Wildlife Preserve

Tonight (March 26), if you close your eyes it sounds as though you’re at the shore. Gulls soaring overhead keep calling and you can almost imagine you can hear the waves crashing, but instead of waves just blackbirds and geese crying out into the encroaching dusk. Oros has a wetlands towards the back, but on the periphery it is ringed by forest and the buffer between the two holds promising habitat with heavy dense brush that looks promising for female woodcock to raise their young and plenty of bog. Should we find woodcock here would definitely give credence to the name other name of the woodcock, the bogsucker. However, the multitude of deer is worrisome: I am surrounded by deer. I’ve counted at least 9 but then they run all about and I’m not sure that here now before me are new ones or the same ones that just circling splitting and circling as the daylight fades.

It’s cold tonight.  After the birds settled in, two dark shapes flew past. They had the potential to be woodcock, but not a peep or a peent could confirm it.

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