The Problem with Good Weather

The fields from  the cemetery. Photo by Kathleen Farley, taken with  Samsung Avant and edited with Snapseed. March 12, 2016.

After a successful first night, I was eager to keep going. Towards late afternoon after doing some unrelated bird work with Tara and Bruce, we realized we had just enough  time to swing by  a local site to listen for woodcock. Bruce had observed them there earlier in  the week. So now with the season underway, we attempted to officially record them.

We drove about five minutes away from the house, parked outside an old cemetery and cut through  to reach the slough (pictured in the foreground.) We settled in to  wait. Song sparrows sang their hearts out as they had all day. Now we know how the Song Sparrow earned its name. Canada Geese, Mallards, and Wood Ducks called as they passed overhead. American Robins called in  the thickets, a Northern Mockingbird chattered, but as long as we waited, we waited in vain. Not a woodcock tonight.

We drove up the  road a bit more to another field  and tried again. With the lovely weather, the woodcocks here probably decided to move on. It is the migration window and these aren’t the woodcock that will be staying. It’s early yet even when it’s really late!

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