Shooting down to Schiff

Great Meadow looking towards the sunset at Schiff Nature Preserve. Photo by  Kathleen Farley on March  17, 2016. Edited with Snapseed.

Schiff Natural Lands, is located down in Morris County, one of the further edges of the study region. Schiff was the first study site to call  back and say they were interested in being a participant in Woodcock Watch, NJ. So I  was thrilled when  I had a chance to head down  there and check  out the potential for woodcock.

They  had a couple possible sites. I chose to first try the Great Meadow, an egg shaped clearing just up the hill from  their center.  It was a lovely evening.  The moon was just past a quarter full.

As I walked up, signs of spring were evident: eastern phoebe hopped from branch to  branch ahead of me, in the field an eastern bluebird trilled.

It was a beautiful night with  the wind gently from the south, but there were no woodcock to be had.  Perhaps it was also  a very good migration  night.  Next time!

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