Hopeful at Halifax Rd.

Field at Halifax Rd. Photo taken on March 19, 2016 by Kathleen Farley. Edited with Snapseed.

Halifax Rd. is a Bergen  Co. birding top hot spot. I’ve long intended to  check  it out, but never had the opportunity until tonight. Barb and I were vetting various sites this afternoon and decided to wrap up at Halifax Rd.

A quick look  at ebird on a dying phone looked promising. Woodcock  had been seen and in good numbers for the area. But with the dropping temperatures we weren’t sure what the activity levels  would be like.

We arrived in good time, easily  locating the place.  Parking in  the turnabout at the end of  the parking area, we waiting. Song birds sang their  final calls goodnight.

Across the river we heard a first “Peent!”. He called a few times but decided the weather wasn’t worth the work! On our side of the water, another male picked up the call and gave us a good litany  for nearly half an hour with at least four flights before he too  settled down for the night and went silent.

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