I Thought I Saw a Woodcock!

I did! I did!

The path leading to the forest interior at Liberty State Park, in Jersey City, NJ. The forest here is considered a post-industrial property has it was historically a rail yard. Photo taken December 1st, 2016, edited with Snapseed.

On Thursday, I headed over to Liberty State Park. My mission was to shoot some footage, for a project to launch later this month.  I was armed with  my cell phone, binoculars, and a mug of tea. (What else does a field biologist really need?)

What I really wanted was iconic scenery to polish my video – and what better scenery is there than the Liberty State Park forest and Jersey City skyline for urban ecology?

In a last desperate hope to get the perfect shot, I decided to bushwhack through the young forest and phragmites to the field edge overlooking the  Hudson River. Stumbling forward, deeply regretting heading off the beaten path, I was playing tug of war with each phragmites blade when all of a sudden from beneath my feet there was an explosion of feathers and a whirling whistle of terrified feathers shooting away from me. Lo and behold, I had stumbled across a late migrant woodcock.

Unfortunately, no video of the woodcock itself, but at least there is further confirmation of woodcock in LSP. Perhaps, we’ll get woodcock on the Christmas Bird Count  this year, taking place on December 18th.

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