Tis the Season!

Ecological holiday plants: Mistletoe, American Chestnut, and American Holly.

While for many this may be the season for mistletoe, chestnuts, and holly (the first three ecological holiday connections I could think of!), for a field ecologist this is also grant writing season. And what every good ecologist hopes for is that Santa will approve their grants.

Everyone in the Fusion Ecology lab appreciates a good comic. And this one certainly hit a chord this year! (C), H/T and many thanks to The Upturned Microscope for perfectly capturing this sentiment!

Today I am launching my first crowd-funded project at experiment.com. I am hoping to raise funds to conduct my dissertation work on the American Woodcock, so you can continue to get those awesome bird updates. Please consider donating – any amount is appreciated.

My research: How do post-industrial landscapes affect American Woodcock breeding success?

This funding (along with the many other grants for which I am applying) will enable me to continue the work I conducted in 2016. Instead of merely doing observational work, I’ll be using mist nets at sunset to capture the woodcock in order to age, sex, and tag them.  I’ll be using VHF radio transmitters. Provide I get the funding, you’ll get:

  • Amazing stories of field ecologists stumbling around in the dark attempting to set up nets!
  • Close up encounters with woodcock as we catch and process them
  •  Incredible chases (hopefully) as we track our transmitting woodcocks to see what they’re up to!

So, please, consider supporting my work today!

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