What to get the Woodcock Watcher in your Life

Still looking for last minute holiday gifts?  Here are some suggestions.

  1. Consider making a donation in their name to support woodcock research.  You can do so between now and January 15, 2015 via experiment.com.
  2. Irish Coin Woodcock Pendant: Order a vintage coin necklace featuring a European Woodcock via Parts for You, Etsy. $13.95
  3. Prefer a more morbid/anatomically precise version? How about a woodcock skull necklace? Uses real woodcock skulls! via Virginia the Wolf, Etsy. $44.20
  4. Maybe one woodcock isn’t enough? How about three? via Fine Shooting Accessories. £157.82
  5. 1969 Woodcock Whiskey Decanter via Biscuit Fortune, Etsy. $25.00 One of a kind!
  6. I Speak Woodcock Mug. Simple white ceramic mug with black writing. Also in color changing or as a steel travel mug via Animal, CafePress. $12.99 — If this is you, we should talk!
  7. 1871 Currier and Ives Woodcock print on an insulated travel mug via Jeffrey Timmons, CafePress. $16.99
  8. Papercut Woodcock Print via Kathryn Robertson, Etsy.  $12.00
  9. Tony Fernandes’s created a fun woodcock print via Tony Fernandes Designs, Etsy. $15.78
  10. Woodcock Tea Towels. What’s better than tea – tea and woodcocks of course! via Sandbox Cards, Etsy. $28.00
  11. Silver Cufflinks featuring woodcocks. via Beretta. € 289,00
  12. For a taste of the unusual (if you don’t mind a nod to hunting), consider a set of 6 champagne flutes each with a unique woodcock related etching via Cadeaux-Etain. 54,50 € Limited quantity!
  13. Like to think  about woodcocks all the time? What about a woodcock clock to  track  all your woodcock-related count downs? To the return of the woodcock in the spring to the start of the courtship hour- have a woodcock clock  to remind you. via Gamekeeper Gifts, Etsy.

And remember, it’s never to late to make a charitable contribution towards learning why woodcock use post-industrial sites.

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