2017 Woodcock Watch Countdown

As I did quite a rubbish job updating during the field season this year, I'll pull from where I did update: Twitter. Without further ado, I present: Top Moments of #Jersey Doodles. 10. Ticks & Tea Just had a tick crawl out of my hair and down my face as I was driving home. Ugh. … Continue reading 2017 Woodcock Watch Countdown

What to get the Woodcock Watcher in your Life

Still looking for last minute holiday gifts?  Here are some suggestions. Consider making a donation in their name to support woodcock research.  You can do so between now and January 15, 2015 via experiment.com. Irish Coin Woodcock Pendant: Order a vintage coin necklace featuring a European Woodcock via Parts for You, Etsy. $13.95 Prefer a more morbid/anatomically … Continue reading What to get the Woodcock Watcher in your Life

Expanding Horizons I

This past week, the 6th NAOC (North American Ornithological Conference) was held in Washington DC from August 16-20th with options for workshops the two days prior to the conference and birding excursions for two days following. What is the purpose of a scientific conference? Scientific conferences are typically held annually to share latest results, see … Continue reading Expanding Horizons I